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Leo Bottary

Ingrid Maynard
Game Changer

The opportunity for success in 2023 is yours

As we head into 2023, many business leaders resemble fatigued soldiers returning from years of battles. From lockdowns, the great resignation, remote working, supply chain breakdown, and now increasing inflation driven by overheated economies and global instability – it has been exhausting. It is already clear that 2023 is not...
Leo Bottary
C-Suite Challengers

Learning to Make a Difference

After delivering a CEO group presentation this morning in Seattle, I was seeking inspiration from a storied location, only to discover Place Pigale Restaurant and Bar overlooking Elliott Bay. The old wooden bar and sky-blue ceilings beg the speculation, “If these walls could talk...” It’s been a perfect haven for...
C-Suite Advisory

Leading a Diverse Sales Team

Leading and coaching a diverse sales team can be both challenging and rewarding. A diverse team brings different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, which can lead to increased creativity and innovation in the sales process. However, managing a team of individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences can also present...
Leo Bottary
Critical thinking

Three Words for 2023

Last year, I reconnected with an annual practice I learned from Chris Brogan many years ago called My Three Words. Chris describes the practice as a simple idea: Choose three words (not 1, not 4) to help guide your daily choices and actions.  Your three words should come from a...
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Stats Gate

Wealthiest People in Switzerland (December 19, 2022)

As of December 19, 2022, Guillaume Pousaz was the wealthiest man in Switzerland, with an estimated net worth of 23.0 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte (No. 2, $14.2 billion), Ivan Glasenberg  (No. 3, $8.9 billion); and Ernesto Bertarelli  (No. 4, $8.5 billion). Magdalena Martullo-Blocher is the fifth-richest person in Switzerland, with a...
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Stats Gate

Wealthiest People in the Netherlands (December 19, 2022)

As of  December 19, 2022, Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken was the wealthiest man in the Netherlands, with an estimated net worth of 15.3 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Frits Goldschmeding (No. 2, $5.5 billion), Arnout Schuijff (No. 3, $2.5 billion); and Hans Melchers (No. 4, $2.5 billion). Kommer Damen is the fifth-richest person in the...
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