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Bob Iger
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Disney’s Return to Office Mandate Shows Failure of Imagination About How to Innovate in Hybrid and Remote Work

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger demanded on Monday, January 9, that all employees return to the office for at least four days a week because "in a creative business like ours, nothing can replace the ability to connect, observe, and create with peers that comes from being physically together.” That’s similar...
Jason Richmond
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Lessons Learned on a 13-Hour Road Trip

There was a collective groan when the airline check-in person announced our flight would be delayed. Travel-weary passengers shook our heads and hoped for the best but became increasingly dispirited as a second and third delay were declared. I’d just spent some quality time visiting my mom who lives nearly...
Shawn Kilgarin
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Shawn Kilgarlin – A Lifetime of Service

Not many understand how important human well-being is to the overall quality of life. Not many understand it better than Shawn Kilgarlin. Since the early 2000s, in conjunction with her husband, Ron Kilgarlin, Shawn Kilgarlin has been steadfast in her dedication towards helping others in multiple ways: here on this...
Shelby Scarbrough
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Empathy: The Workplace Game Changer

Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer coined the term emotional intelligence in 1990, describing it as “the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.”39 Later, Daniel Goleman, PhD, authored the worldwide bestseller Working with Emotional Intelligence.  There’s an...
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