Future of Work

Ingrid Christensen
Future of Work

4 Ways You Can Help Build Trust with Your Most Important Stakeholders: Employees

Employees, not customers, are your organization’s most important stakeholders. Contrary to how it sometimes feels, the customer can’t be your primary focus because the house will fall if you don’t have a strong foundation. And when the bricks are tumbling down, the customers will be long gone anyway. Focus on...
economic policy uncertainty
Future of WorkGame Changer

The Hidden Benefits of Economic Uncertainty: Five Key Actions to Survive the Unknown (and Thrive When It’s Over)

Businesses constantly face challenges – employment demands, competitive threats, regulatory changes, tight labor markets, adapting to new workplace models, changing customer preferences, supply chain and production issues, and more. However, nothing poses a greater challenge to an executive team than economic uncertainty. It is very difficult to follow a strategic...
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