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Otter Public Relations in Orlando, Florida
Future of Work

Otter PR Earns Company Culture Award

The culture that is created and fostered within organizations is integral to the continued satisfaction of its business, employees, and customers. Values such as integrity, honesty, and transparency are crucial components of a company’s culture and help drive its long-term success. Each year, our team is presented with a multitude...
Future of Work

Are Your AI Models Compliant?

The topic of AI compliance from a regulatory standpoint has been covered extensively. For highly regulated industries like banks, insurance and healthcare, the potential penalties when AI models exhibit bias or violate other compliance standards run high. One prominent example was back in 2019 when it was discovered that Apple’s...
Rick Brandon
Future of Work

Mutual Benefit Conflict Resolution

Blending direct, yet fair Assertive Speaking skills with empathic, Active Listening helps us in many work and personal conversations, especially when facing an impasse while forging agreements with others.   The “G.A.I.N.” Agenda for Gaining Commitments Let’s pretend you’ve effectively tried to forge agreement from someone about a needed task. You’ve...
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