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Mark Donnolo
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The Three Pillars of Corporate Goal Achievement: Taking the Mystery out of Making Your Number

You walked into the board meeting with a revenue goal for next year carefully prepared by your team over weeks of hard work. You’re confident that the number is realistic---better than last year’s because of the recent major investments your organization made in technology to boost productivity. Now, as you...
Dr. Troy Hall
Executive Insider

Cohesion from the Top Down

Self-aware executive leaders who inspire a cohesive spirit within their organizations align individual achievement with organizational success. And successful CEOs value cohesive teams ahead of groups that merely get the job done. But still, the CEO can shift the entire culture of the organization with one word or gesture. Even...
Cheryl Grace at Nielsen
Executive Insider

4 ways CEOs can make diversity come alive

The evidence gets clearer every year: diversity pays.  You hear it from academia: “Diversity is associated with increased sales revenue, more customers, greater market share, and greater relative profits,” according to the University of Chicago. And it’s the conclusion of top consultants: “Top-team ethnic and cultural diversity is correlated with...
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