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Raj Singh Founder And CEO Of Tempo AI
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An Interview With Raj Singh Founder And CEO Of Tempo AI

Raj Singh is a mobile industry veteran having worked across the space over the past 13 years. Raj is the Founder and CEO of Tempo AI focused on developing a smart calendar. Tempo AI was spun-out of SRI (Stanford Research Institute) where Raj served as an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)....
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Some Awesome Lesser-Known Google Tools, Programs, And Applications To Enhance Your Productivity

Gmail and Google Docs? Check. Google Search, AdWords, Alerts, Chrome, Analytics, Calendar? You have them, of course. What else is out there? Even if you are a Google power users like me, you can't keep track of everything Google introduces. Google is an Internet powerhouse, hidden inside it's vast network...
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Crypto Chain University Introduces “Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations” Segment on Website

The oldest institution, established in 2010, for compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research in the world Crypto Chain University, introduces the launch of "Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations" segment on their website portal, ☓.com (unicode/punycode of xn--33h.com). “Blockchain is a technological tour de force, a technology that will one day see mass...
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