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Premier Virtual CEO Steven Edwards Is Giving Recruiters Powerful Tools to Leverage Remote Hiring

While it’s incredibly clear that remote work has become a much larger part of the landscape across essentially every industry, we see it playing out in a number of different ways. When you think of remote work, you might think of existing office employees who now perform their duties from...
Executive Insider

Your Guide To Open Innovation

Simply put, innovation is the creation of a viable offering. Its value construct requires identifying the problems that matter and moving through them systematically to deliver elegant solutions. Innovation is seen and felt not only at the product or services level but in the firm’s supply chain, processes, and its...
C-Suite Lifestyle

How to Live a Luxury Lifestyle

Good comfort, stress-free life, and true happiness are part of a luxury lifestyle. However, remember that a luscious lifestyle costs money to maintain. Therefore, you can enjoy any form of entertainment, luxury travel, or party with your friends anytime, anywhere. Today there are many things you can do to live...
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