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The Evolution of the CFO Role: Why Accounting and Financial Planning & Analysis Are No Longer Enough

Over the past decade, there has been an unmistakable evolution in the role of the CFO, a shift that has only intensified with the adoption of new data-centric business technologies and practices. In the past, organizations searching for a new CFO typically had a choice to make. Did they want...
Mark S. Babbitt
C-Suite Agenda

A Post-Pandemic Requirement for Leaders: Creating an Uncompromising Company Culture

For decades, senior leaders have treated the classic symptoms of a less-than-optimal business operation—low employee engagement, less-than-stellar customer service, poor retention rates, and barely acceptable productivity levels—rather than the problem: An unhealthy company culture. So, despite spending billions of dollars over the past three decades, we've made zero progress. And...
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