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Alan Manly
Business Transformation

5 things Entrepreneurs should look for in a potential business partner

Choosing a business partner is always challenging, as history shows us that many partnerships end in dispute. When considering the personal qualities of a potential business partner the old axiom, “Successful people surround themselves with those smarter than themselves” is worth bearing in mind. Smarter people in this case should...
Kevin McCoy, chief executive officer at Polyvision Corp
CEO Spotlight

New Polyvision CEO Kevin McCoy Leads Initiative to Reimagine the Wall

Polyvision Corporation, a global leader in the innovation and manufacture of CeramicSteel, collaborative writing products, and architectural panels for cladding, is “Reimagining the Wall.” Spearheading this mission is Kevin McCoy, Polyvision’s recently announced Chief Executive Officer, who is driving the company’s vision across the global market. A long-time industry veteran,...
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