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Christopher Volk
Business Transformation

Think Like an Entrepreneur: Earnings Per Share vs EMVA

I have led and taken three companies public, two of which I started.  This means that I have had one foot in the world of institutional leadership and another in the world of entrepreneurship.  Both are important, but the latter provided me with the greatest lessons on value creation. Making...
Future of Work

Why Your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative Isn’t Moving the Needle – And Ways to Spur Movement

You’ve formed your Diversity Committee. You’ve offered diversity training to all your staff. You’ve made a statement to the world about diversity. But nothing seems to have had an impact. What went wrong?     A recent Forbes article listed four reasons why diversity efforts fail: no long-range plan, lack of commitment to the program, poor instructional delivery model and lack of representation.  Let’s look...
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