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Lars Lehne
Wealth Management

Investing in the future

When you’ve been in business a few years, you get used to changing. Processes get updated. Cultures adapt. Attitudes, quite rightly, are examined and evolved. A key driver to this of course is technology. And you really know you’ve been around for a while when things you still think of...
Big Picture

Progressive societies and a scientific glimpse

Unfortunately, the reversal of progressivism and extroversion of past decades is now evident. Social, economic, and political conditions that we used to take for granted, are undone one by one, reducing social cohesion, security, and prosperity. As a result, division, and fear are getting worse. The given circumstances, then, raise...
CEO Insider

Common Lies About Leadership: The Hard Truth

A dear friend and business owner recently sent me a blog defining core leadership skills. While the blog had some useful distinctions that I found smart and interesting, it also included some traits that are not, in fact, essential to effective leadership. They are actually personality traits that, to an...
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