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Africa’s Billionaires 2023: Who Are the Richest People in Africa?

Africa's population of wealthy individuals is on the rise, with 21 billionaires currently residing on the continent. Johann Rupert is the wealthiest man in Africa, having started his career with a banking apprenticeship in New York before returning to South Africa and eventually transitioning to the retail industry. Rupert is...
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CEO with the Raincoat!

Why do the entrepreneurial firms exist?  CEOs must revisit the question as to why do their entrepreneurial firm exists? This may not be an extension to the reason of the term transaction cost with a reference to the “cost of using the price mechanism” as described in the ‘Nature of...
Anna Bolotova
CEO Agenda

How to set up an effective investment committee.

Nine recommendations to create a productive investment committee. An internal investment committee is a body responsible for managing investments within a company. It is responsible for evaluating and making investment decisions, as well as monitoring and analyzing their effectiveness. The committee may include high-ranking employees of the company, such as...
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