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Duane P. Donner, CEO, Founders Advisors
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Why 2021 Is A Great Year to Sell a Family Business – And How To Do It Right

Today, perhaps more so than any other time in the history of American business, it is not likely that the owner of a family business will find his children eager to take over the business when it becomes time to pass it on to the next generation. There are many...
Dr. Rolf Gegenmantel, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Jedox
CEO Insider

Automation beyond the production line

In 2019, the manufacturing industry generated nearly 2 petabytes of new data, more than any other sector worldwide. And while manufacturing is one of the most automated industries in terms of production, most companies still rely on whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets when it comes to leveraging this data to manage,...
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Building a Stellar Board for Your Business…

Recently, one of the leading think tanks conducted an intensive survey and discovered that the top five corporate risks are HIPPA connected. These concern areas include Cyber, Culture, Privacy/Identity, Information/Technology, and Crises Response Process. Navigating this dangerous terrain requires that your C-Suite and your Board work in concert, which is...
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