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Depressed businessman standing with closed eyes and leaning at flipchart with forehead
Business Transformation

7 Tips To Put Together A Winning Project Management Plan

Project management is a full-time job. From start to finish, a project manager is supposed to be there with the team in person and in spirit. However, what if I told you that if you put your best foot forward, and make your initial steps count, you can potentially make...
Jay B. Marcus, Co-author of The Coherence Effect
CEO Insider

A Yogi’s Take on Stress and Burnout

With the normal pressures of work compounded by the pandemic, stress and burnout are proliferating in the business world.  Even before Covid-19, stress and burnout were ravaging the health of Americans. The number of hours worked is said by the non-profit American Institute of Stress to be the main source...
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