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If the great resignation is the problem, leadership is the answer

I doubt that there are many CEOs or senior leaders who haven’t heard of the ‘Great Resignation’.  Reported widely in the media, a picture is being painted of a tsunami of post-covid resignations as employees re-evaluate their work lives.   Though its scope and impact is yet to play out in...
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The World is What We Make of It

Twenty-five years ago, in the feature film Contact, Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) responded to her former mentor and nemesis, Dr. David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), after having had a tough day testifying before Congress. Here's a snippet of the dialogue:  David Drumlin: “I know you must think this is all very...
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3 Ways CEOs Can Benefit By Thinking Like Designers

Most organizations typically relegate creatives, especially designers, to their marketing departments, where they can create pretty logos, brochures, and marketing materials. As a result, it is highly unusual to find creatives (right-brained individuals) leading large enterprises or organizations.  The last well-known creative/right-brained CEO the world remembers is Steve Jobs. That's...
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How To Become A Croatian Resident?

Croatia is a European nation located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is popular for having the most beautiful sunsets worldwide and is dominated by an excellent natural habitat, fascinating beaches, incredible national parks, and extended topography, making it the most appealing tourist destination.  Along with splendid...
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