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Migrating to Another Country? Everything you Need To Do Before you Leave

Living in another country is a challenge in itself, not to mention that, in most cases, it is combined with a new job, new office, colleagues, etc. There are three things you should do before you go, and we strongly suggest all three of them. Learn the language We start...
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The Triumph of Teamwork

The event was a barbecue. The location: a beach way off the beaten path on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, part of the Virgin Islands. It’s not easy to get to Neltjeberg Beach and shouldn’t be attempted without a four-wheel drive vehicle to navigate a bumpy dirt road that...
Jason Richmond
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Lessons Learned on a 13-Hour Road Trip

There was a collective groan when the airline check-in person announced our flight would be delayed. Travel-weary passengers shook our heads and hoped for the best but became increasingly dispirited as a second and third delay were declared. I’d just spent some quality time visiting my mom who lives nearly...
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The Future Is Global

For businesses large and small in the U.S., global markets offer tremendous potential for developing new customers. Presently, some 96 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S. Taking business abroad, therefore, is not only irresistible, but an essential requirement for any future-focused company’s growth strategy. The BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia,...
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