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David Velez, CEO of Nubank
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Billionaire CEO David Velez Sells $191 Million Stake in Nubank

David Velez, the billionaire CEO and chairman of Nu Holdings Ltd. - Nubank, sold nearly 3% of his stake in the Sao-Paulo-based digital bank, netting proceeds of about $191 million. Velez reported that he sold 25 million shares, which is equivalent to 3% of his stake in the Sao Paulo-based...
Ultra High Net Worth
CEO Advisory

The Ultra High Net Worth Achievement Plan

An estimated two-thirds of American millionaires made their money from business.  It’s easy to understand why.  Saving a million dollars from your W-2 earnings is hard. If you’re earning a median salary approximating $50,000 annually, you’d have to set aside 10% of your compensation to save $1 million, assuming you...
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