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How to Lead a Loving Organization

In the recent pandemic year when so many businesses were compelled to require a remote workplace, many became acutely aware of the power of human relationships. In truth, it was the power of human connection that built the foundation for a successful telework environment. Now, as employers bring staff back...
Jay Jung, President & Founder of Embarc Advisors
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Jay Jung Brings His High-Level Financial Acumen To Small Businesses, and He’s Having A Big Time Doing It

A Wharton School graduate who was highly successful while previously working for McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs, Jay Jung is now offering the kind of high-level corporate finance advisory to small-to-medium-sized companies that are usually only afforded to Fortune 500 brands. Imagine having six-time Super Bowl champion head coach...
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Change the word, “CHANGE.”

As you read the title of this article, I know this may feel somewhat counter intuitive. We have used the word when leading and managing “change” for decades. When instigating a project we expect things to develop from one place to another or introducing something new to a system or...
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