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10 Most Expensive Cycles and Why

Like all other items, bicycles have also become synonymous with luxury in these recent years. From precious stone embellishments to attractive designs, there are tons of cycles that are considered a status symbol for their cost alone. So, let us take a look at some of the expensive two-wheelers and...
Critical thinking

Impact of COVID

When the world closed down last year, stringent preventive measures were taken to control the spread of the dangerous virus. While the governments and scientists worked in tandem to figure out a way to tackle this problem, everyone was asked to stay indoors and engage in social distancing. Everything around...
Critical thinking


We know that critical thinking provides us with the tools to analyze information so that we can harness the greatest amount of knowledge – and thus give ourselves the best chances of making smart decisions. For instance, before we go to polls and elect our political leaders, we should be...
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