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Top Paying Software Companies In The World And The Highest Package Offered

Software engineers are ruling the scene today. Ever since the IT industry has taken a lead in the job footprint, there has been a constant demand for talented software engineers. Today such is the scenario that the average salary of a software engineer, will come to around $92,000. But that’s...
Roxanne Calder
CEO Insider

The skills needed to future proof your career

The last 12 months have been a time of immense uncertainty. The pandemic affected many jobs, uprooted career plans, and left people questioning their professional futures. Most of us, globally, were left wondering how to protect ourselves better and future proof our careers. Job displacements are, of course, nothing new....
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4 Key Areas of Energy Management That Smart Executives Leverage for Sustained High Performance

Often, executives unknowingly encounter (and find themselves existing in) a success paradox where there are more responsibilities, more expectations, more pressure, more stress, but less time available for themselves. This paradox, of course, leads to exhaustion. But executives aren't executives by accident. They've climbed this trajectory of success because they're...
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