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Ros Weadman
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How to build a purpose-driven brand and enhance your reputation

Purpose means the reason for which something is done, created, or exists. From a business perspective, there are three purposes upon which to build a brand - Profit, Promise, and Planet - and all three purposes can happily co-exist.  Profit is an expression of purpose for the benefit of business...
Risk or reward
CEO Insider

The co-CEO model: Risk or reward?

Success is becoming harder in a competitive and uncertain world: Today's business environment is a cocktail of competition and uncertainty. High performance is harder to come by, as indicated by a Forbes study of 400 top global executives, where 90% stated they do not believe the current environment is friendly to...
Stephen McGarvey
CEO Insider

Establishing Rapport: The Key to Persuasion

The ability to transform ourselves and to persuade and influence others depends on the subtleties of effective communication and the essential fact that thinking impacts emotions, which in turn drive behavior. In order to effectively move someone to action, we must understand how the mind filters information.  One thing lies...
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