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Robin Landa
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A New Year’s Resolution: An Opportunity

Every January, the gym I belong to becomes crowded with new members. During a Zumba class, I remarked to a friend, “Wow, there are so many new people!” She replied,” By February, most of them will no longer be attending.” Sure enough, by Valentine’s Day, there was one newbie remaining...
Alex Goryachev
CEO Insider

Why Disruptive Innovation Is Not The Answer

Pragmatic, rather than disruptive innovation, is what is driving companies forward. There’s only one word that may be buzzier than “recession,” one that strikes even more fear into the hearts of executives across industries: It’s all about disruption these days, isn’t it?  I don’t think so. Just because disruption is taking...
Business Meeting
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How to Set Tangible Ecommerce Goals for 2023

Global ecommerce strategies can be challenging and scary for the underprepared. Now is the time to set goals to keep your global efforts on track and reap the benefits of international ecommerce. Maintaining a global mindset is imperative for success, especially as our society becomes more connected and international. What...
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