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Critical thinking

Two fundamental pillars to building a responsible innovation company

The most successful companies over the next couple of decades will be those that practice responsible innovation. They will seek to build technology that benefits all stakeholders, and try to foresee and avoid harmful unintended consequences.  But how? Doing all that requires thinking in ways that refute Silicon Valley’s conventional...
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Business Transformation

The future of consultancy

As emerging technologies and the digital transformation open up new market space and opportunities, consultants need to reconfigure their approach and reject obsolete legacy models if they are to remain relevant to modern business. They must be seen as value creators in genuine partnerships with their clients, rather than just...
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Be Proud, but Never Satisfied

Once you’ve made some big plays and delivered on key milestones, the journey doesn’t end; you need to prepare to come back stronger. Being proud but never satisfied is an attitude. It’s a mentality where you always strive to do better. It doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy your accomplishments or...
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