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4 Challenges in Navigating Remote Work Layoffs

One of the biggest challenges for companies in transitioning to remote work is how to handle layoffs. Having helped 21 companies transition to hybrid and remote work, I can attest that planning for the whole workers' lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, is critical as part of effective remote and hybrid...
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Why People Forget

Memory is a vital human characteristic, and sharp memory is a great skill. It allows people to be more productive and successful in whatever they choose to do. Memory is quite linked with intelligence since it is necessary to make logical assumptions. But in types of intelligence unrelated to problem-solving,...
John Perkins
CEO Insights

CEOs Have the Power to Change the World

We live in a time when corporate CEOs have as much power as the presidents of most countries. We also find ourselves living in a degenerative economic system that’s consuming and polluting itself into extinction. This Death Economy is depleting the very resources it needs for its long-term survival. It’s...
C-Suite Advisory

Does “ful” really make it a word? Evolving Language Should Unify and Bind—Not Divide and Confuse

Every year, the world’s prominent English-language dictionaries add anywhere from a few hundred to 1,000 “neologisms”—newly coined words or phrases—to their pages. For Merriam-Webster and Oxford, it’s an exhaustive process that can involve tracking words from sometimes obscure uses into the mass-market national, and even global, lexicon.  These arrivals can...
Future of Work

A prescription for employers in 2023

Employee satisfaction levels have generally been on the decline in recent years. Factors such as job insecurity, lack of opportunities for advancement, and inadequate compensation have been cited as contributing to this trend. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on employee satisfaction, with many workers reporting increased...
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