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The In’s and Out’s of Marketing Nuance: Why you struggle to communicate with Marketer

Marketing people not only wear many hats, have unique skill sets, and are creatives by nature.  They also live and breathe by nuance.  Talking to marketing professionals is like knowing the technical jargon of coders or the medical terminology of physicians.  However, most businesses don’t know the lingo of marketing....
Wealth Management

Sweating the Small Stuff

Whenever I coach leaders on communication, I invariably recommend that they tell the end of the story first. The end of my story is: Think about the messages you give to your team and your organization through small, day-to-day actions; they are much more impactful than the big events and...
Critical thinking

Pros And Cons Of Going To College

Today, we will dive into the topic of attending college and explore its various advantages and disadvantages. While we believe that universities and educational institutions are valuable investments, we will begin by discussing the cons before concluding with the pros. It's essential to evaluate both perspectives to gain a complete...
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