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How To Ease Burn Out Using Quantum Colors

When I first started running my company, The Film Festival Doctor, during the first two years of trading, I began to work extremely long hours which consisted of 16-hour days, seven days a week and surviving on five hours sleep each night. Inevitably, I was burnt out but I still...
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The Danger of Success: CEO Syndrome

The biggest danger facing an accomplished CEO isn’t another lockdown, competition or technological obsolescence. The looming threat, which is a product of success, is CEO Syndrome: the externally-inflated ego that leads a CEO to be certain of their own judgment and allows them to self-insulate from honest feedback and diversity...
C-Suite Lifestyle

How To Stay Fit

Our current lifestyle doesn't give a supportive background to stay fit and healthy. The long hours at work, accompanied by low-quality food in the market doesn't give us many choices. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not just about the looks; it is about keeping our body active and being...
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