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How To Stay Fit

Our current lifestyle doesn't give a supportive background to stay fit and healthy. The long hours at work, accompanied by low-quality food in the market doesn't give us many choices. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not just about the looks; it is about keeping our body active and being...
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Sachin Bansal Chief Explorer®, India City Walks on Experiential Delivery in Tourism (EDIT)™Supporting communities in Travel

Dr. Sachin Bansal, Chief Explorer of India City Walks (ICW®) is a creative and passionate entrepreneur in the tourism industry. He is recognized as the pioneer in the curation & delivery of city sightseeing products. His incubation platform SUSTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS CHAMPIONING HERITAGE INDUCED NETWORK™ creates regeneration of the tourism economy....
C-Suite Agenda

Clarity. Victory. Celebration.

Three personal stories. Three takeaways. Clarity To make a long (painful) story short, I typically ran the mile in junior high school. At the last meet of the year in 1975, however, I was asked to fill in as the third leg on our undefeated one-mile relay team.  No problem,...
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