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The 3 Principles of Talent-Centric Organizations

Up ahead is the proverbial road to business success.  It’s a narrow road, flanked by a constantly changing landscape. There are potholes, steep drop-offs at the edge, and sharp turns that hide what’s coming next.  Luckily, you’re on a bus.  It’s a big bus, with everyone on your team seated...
Critical thinking

The Coming $60 Trillion Wealth Tsunami

Creating Purpose, Meaning and Impact for the Next Generation: In July 2019, a remarkable event occurred that went largely unnoticed.  That particular month was when demographers believe the United States had more members of the Millennial generation than the Baby Boomer generation.  While the number of Millennials will stay fairly static...
Amy Eliza Wong
CEO Insider

Choose to Respond, Not React, to Life

How do you acknowledge and interact with life? Which of these two distinct approaches do you take: are you more likely to react or to respond? What’s the difference and why does it matter? provides the following definitions for the two terms:  React: “To act in response to an agent or influence.” ...
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