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The No Hope Positivity Defined

It has been more common than the Sun rises in the East, do we hear to always be positive. My fellow countrymen global will agree that in any instance of life, any situation fatal or anyone deceived, in all the cases we are supposed to be positive and hope that...
Business Travel

The Must-Sees Of Barcelona

The combination of medieval and modern style can only steal your heart and travel you either in the narrow alleys with the magnificent architectural diamonds it has or in the wide streets with the ultra-modern and innovative buildings. A city full of colors that any artist would envy impresses modern...
Richard Hawkes
Chief Executive Insights

Market Potential, Scalability, Sustainability and Performance: The Four Metrics of Competitive Advantage

Sometimes people talk about their business’s competitive advantage like it is a thing or collection of things—see that shiny thing, it is the source of our competitive advantage.  You will hear comments like “our competitive advantage is customer loyalty” or “economies of scale” or “technology” or all three and therefore...
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