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Spiritual Leadership: It’s Not What You Think

The word “spiritual” connotes a religious theme but as it pertains to business leadership that is not the intention or foundation of the term. I Over the years, I have gained a keen awareness of the critical success tenants leaders should follow to reduce stress, develop high performing teams, achieve...
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Boost For The Economy: Customers Are Expected To Increase Spending As Vaccination Increases (New Global Survey)

A new survey conducted by SAS shows that customers intend to increase their spending as vaccination rates are improving. Participants were asked to complete an online questionnaire in August 2020 in a number of markets around the world (Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South...
Dr. Rolf Gegenmantel, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Jedox
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Automation beyond the production line

In 2019, the manufacturing industry generated nearly 2 petabytes of new data, more than any other sector worldwide. And while manufacturing is one of the most automated industries in terms of production, most companies still rely on whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets when it comes to leveraging this data to manage,...
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