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Shift Happens: Crossing the Ethics Threshold by Chance or by Choice

A colleague of mine tells a difficult story about the ethics troubles of a multi-billion-dollar Canadian pharmaceutical company I’ll call pHarmX. It exemplifies an incredibly poignant lesson about the ethical choices in our personal and professional lives.  Several years ago, pHarmX developed a drug that safely lowers the aldehyde levels...
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Most Violent Cities In The World

Outside of active war zones, there are some cities that seem to have traditionally been involved with crime. Usually, big cities, where criminals can hide behind a large mass of people are the most popular destinations for groups of criminals that act in an organized way, as well as individuals...
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Most Awarded CEOs Of The Year 2021

There is no doubt that CEOs are an integral part of every organization. They play a key role in strategic planning and decision making which further shapes the direction of the business. Although the Chief Executive Officer is also considered the highest-ranking member of any firm, it is the vast...
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