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Business Transformation

5 Steps To Scale Up Your Business

Scaling your business is crucial to growing sales and maintaining customer satisfaction while improving the cost-effectiveness and capability of your business to grow. As a business leader, keep in mind that scaling your business doesn’t simply mean increasing your sales and customers. It mainly means handling an improved workload cost-effectively...
Critical thinking


Each of us has our own perspectives. We see the world through our own eyes. The uniqueness of our perspectives is what makes humanity such an intriguing and dynamic organism, one that is ever-changing and filled with limitless potential.  In previous installments to this series, readers learned how important having...
Executive Education

Why & How Business Education Must Teach Business as A Force For Public Good

The global shift towards knowledge-based economies and societies has naturally positioned ‘knowledge’ at the heart of contemporary public policymaking. There are collaborations and partnerships taking shape all around, leading to interactions across multiple sectors like academia, industries, startups, NGOs, and governments at all its three tiers. In this dynamic, collaborative,...
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Victoria Kennedy, Victorious PR CEO Utilizes Power of Integrity to Establish Award-Winning Firm

Public relations is defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. A simple statement, but it is an industry that requires individuals who are multi-talented. They must be energetic, creative, possess sound communication skills and have the ability to establish lasting connections...
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