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CEO Spotlight: David Black and the Importance of Having a Mentor for Success

Young professionals can obtain valuable career guidance from a mentor—something David Black, managing director of business development at Balyasny Asset Management (BAM), has experienced firsthand.   Black has been involved with a number of organizations that offer mentoring and development—including Year Up, which helps young adults obtain skills and experience to...
Sean (Xueyang) Li CEO at CaterCow
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Sean Li, CEO of CaterCow- Building a Unique Catering Marketplace and Leveraging Lunch & Learn Meetups

Sean Li and his team at CaterCow believe in the vision of enhancing workplace efficiency through meals. Leadership is a crucial management function and is the driving force behind the organization's successes or failures. Effective leaders understand the importance of community building and cooperation. The sole responsibility of bringing the...
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