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Equality Isn’t Enough. It’s Time to Demand Equity: Why #Equity is 2021’s New Buzzword

Carlette Duffy owns a fully renovated three-bedroom house in Indianapolis. Looking to refinance to help her grandmother with some home improvement projects, Carlette sought an appraisal and was shocked at her home’s low valuation. She tried again, but the second appraisal came in even lower. So Carlette decided to test...
Andrea Goodkin, Executive Vice President, Human Resources Consulting at HUB International
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Resetting The Post-COVID Workplace

The impact of the pandemic’s global health crisis and measures to contain it have pushed through a dramatic shift in the U.S. workplace. Since teleworking has become conventional, it recast how, when and where the job gets done and how performance is measured.  At the same time, the uncertain environment...
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