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Top 7 Educational Documentaries For High School Kids

We often spend hours on Amazon Prime and Netflix to get some entertainment. But have you thought of them as a source of education? Turns out both these services have some pretty informative shows that teenagers can learn a lot from. Here’s a list of the top educational documentaries for...
Kevin Leahy
C-Suite Advisory

Transforming an Industry with Innovation

There’s incredible opportunity in solving ingrained problems, especially the ones that slide under the radar. Whether this means offering custom clothing for tall people, or providing solar cookers for communities without electricity, there’s opportunity for business success within fixing problems.    Here are some of my takeaways from my own...
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The Strategy of Self Care

Why do we work so hard doing what we do every day? We’re driven towards success, as we’re creating a better, smarter, more skilled version of ourselves. The most visionary business leaders agree that self-care practices are a must. But who has time for yoga retreats when you’re working 60+...
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