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The Intranet Advantage: Boosting Productivity in the Workplace

Intranet has become essential in today's workplace. It's become very popular with businesses that have remote employees, but it also provides valuable benefits for in-office employees. Let's take a look at how the intranet can boost productivity for your company.  What is the Intranet? You've probably heard the term intranet,...
Automation in Manufacturing
Tech and Innovation

Automation in Manufacturing: How Cloud Technology is Transforming Industries

Recent advances in automated technologies and artificial intelligence have transformed the way that business owners across most major industries structure their operations. From the development of informed data analytics programs configured to optimize efficiency, to smart building management systems designed to meet sustainability targets and reduce expenses. Though these unapologetically...
Rajiv Nagaich
CEO Advisory

Why Your 401(k) Isn’t Enough

If you lead an organization that offers a 401(k) savings program, you are part of America’s retirement planning system, a vast and fragmented collection of employers, professionals, and service providers who claim to know the secret to successful retirement planning: accumulating wealth.  Is your company’s 401(k) program really preparing your...
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