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Rajiv Nagaich
C-Suite Advisory

Why Your 401(k) Isn’t Enough

If you lead an organization that offers a 401(k) savings program, you are part of America’s retirement planning system, a vast and fragmented collection of employers, professionals, and service providers who claim to know the secret to successful retirement planning: accumulating wealth.  Is your company’s 401(k) program really preparing your...
Adrienne Wojtaszek
Big Picture

How to Use PR to Grow Your Business

Around the globe, public relations (PR) is a $100 billion industry, projected to eclipse $133 billion by 2027. That growth may come as no surprise. As successful companies know, PR is a powerful tool to build brand awareness, strengthen credibility, and establish a positive reputation and loyalty among target audiences....
Bernie Marcus
CEO Insider


A central part of the Home Depot culture was the desire to help the communities we served, especially during natural disasters or national emergencies. Our proudest moments are when our people stepped up. When Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida on August 24, 1992, we lost a number of stores but...
Multilingual Transcription
Business Transformation

Bridging Language Barriers With Transcription: How Multilingual Transcription Services Are Empowering Global Communication

You’re most likely familiar with transcription, where audio content is converted into text form. Transcription presents information in a format that is easy to read, edit, reorganize, share, and save. Most importantly for this piece, transcribed content carries the distinct advantage of being easy to translate into different languages. When...
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