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Robin Landa
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8 Ways You Can Set Your Goals by Thinking Creatively

Think of companies that once offered a useful product or service, for example, Blockbuster. Now think of how you watch films at home. How do CEOs, professionals, and companies stay in the game and keep hitting home runs? Being nimble is a critical success factor for companies, CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, and...
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Purpose, Preparation, and Play

Organizational teams of any kind would be wise to heed the best practices of CEO peer advisory groups/forums. Watching the best of the best is like being treated to an evening at the Boston Symphony or a highlight reel featuring top plays on any given Sunday in the NFL. Among...
Bill Yeargin
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When Culture Matters

In early 1945 the planet was ravaged. A deadly world war had consumed the globe and killed tens of millions; most people were living with unimaginable stress. However, the tide was turning in favor of the allies; Hitler had overplayed his hand at the Battle of the Bulge. War in...
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