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What to do? Does this sound familiar?

The competition is stealing my talent; the CDC says masks/no-masks; WFH staff don’t want to come back to the office! What am I to do? As we know, the business has always been about profits and beating the competition. We have to be first at anything –be it product, service,...
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Top 5 Core Values Of Western Societies

We live in a constantly changing world where ideas and values are being constantly criticized and examined under the microscope. Most countries of the developed world share some common things about what is good, ethical, and important. Our priorities determine our lifestyle and even the way we do business. So...
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Most Powerful Economies In Africa

Facing investment as a safe playground where people can grow their fortune is an optimistic way to see life. The developed countries of the world are familiar to investors, and capital has taken advantage of most of the investing opportunities. The developing countries, on the other hand, have a variety...
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