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How Business Leaders Can Start Preparing for the Holiday Season Now

As we approach the "season of spending," evaluate your business processes to meet consumer expectations and protect your business from the inevitable supplier issues. The holiday shopping season is the biggest revenue-generating occasion of the year that can simultaneously boost sales revenue and build your brand reputation. If you aren't...
CEO Agenda

Strategic Communication and Human Resources

Strategic Communication and Human Resources are two different but related fields. Strategic Communication is the process of developing messages and other forms of communication to help achieve organizational goals. HR, on the other hand, is responsible for managing workforce issues such as recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee...
CEO Debate

What the Future of Cyber War Holds

The war in Ukraine has dominated global news since it began earlier this year. Every day, people around the world hear harrowing tales of physical warfare. What people may be less familiar with is the cyber component to the conflict. Just hours before Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainian government...
Mel Kettle
CEO Debate

The key to turning FOMO to JOMO

In April 2009 I joined Twitter and I discovered a whole new world of conferences and events I wanted to attend, places I wanted to visit, and people I wanted to know. It didn’t take long for me to start changing my decision-making processes so I could do more. And...
Bill Treasurer
Executive Insider

The Three Oaths of a Leader

Leadership is about getting results. The whole point of leadership is to produce outcomes that didn’t exist before. And those outcomes are much more likely to happen when the leader and those being led are fully committed to making those outcomes happen. That commitment has to start with the leader.   ...
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