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Richest Billionaires in Each Country (September 28, 2023)

As of September 28, 2023, with a net worth of roughly $245.6 billion, Elon Musk is the wealthiest person in America. Meanwhile, Bernard Arnault takes the crown in France with a net worth of $182.7 billion. Carlos Slim Helu is the wealthiest person in Mexico with a net worth of...
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Wealthiest People in Egypt (September 27, 2023)

As of September 27, 2023, Nassef Sawiris was the wealthiest person in Egypt, with an estimated net worth of 6.9 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Mohamed Mansour (No. 2, $3.6 billion), Naguib Sawiris (No. 3, $3.3 billion). Youssef Mansour is the fifth-richest person in Egypt, with a whopping $1.5 billion. Yasseen Mansour, with a...
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