Ezra Nahmad
Investor Together with brother David, Ezra Nahmad is an international megadealer of modern and impressionist art, which they trade mostly at auction. The two own an inventory worth an estimated $3.5 billion that they store in a duty-free warehouse next to the airport in Geneva, Switzerland. Net worth: $1.8 billion Their stockpile includes works by more than 30 blue chip ...    read more
David Nahmad
Helly Nahmad Gallery Megadealer David Nahmad with brother Ezra owns a stockpile of modern and impressionist art, stored in a duty-free warehouse in Geneva, Switzerland. The Nahmads’ inventory includes more than 30 blue chip artists, from Monet and Matisse to Renoir and Rothko. They buy and sell mainly at auction. Net worth: $2.3 billion Among the holdings: 300 Pica...    read more
Stefano Pessina
Executive chairman, Walgreens Boots Alliance Stefano Pessina heads the world’s largest drugstore chain, Walgreens Boots Alliance. Pessina’s journey began in 1977 when he took over his family’s pharmaceutical wholesaler, ultimately renamed Alliance Sant?, in Naples, Italy. Net worth: $7.3 billion He eventually expanded beyond Italy, merging his wholesale...    read more
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