Friday, July 3, 2020

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Why I Don’t Believe Everything I Hear About Caribbean Villa Rentals: Executive Business Travellers?

Unsurprisingly, Villa vacations are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for executive business travellers. Here, amidst lush, tropical palms, exotic "Caribbean villas" offers one of the best luxuries in the world. More importantly, When international corporate executives need a break, to relax both their body/mind and reboot, they always love heading to...
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Six Steps to Making Happiness a Competitive Advantage for Your Organization

Simply put, happy employees perform better. Studies have shown that increased employee well-being results in increased performance and productivity for employees’ companies or organizations, along with positive benefits for the individual employees. It’s a win-win, if the company knows how to unleash this powerful competitive advantage. Competitive advantage can be...
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Are Graduates Of Top Business Schools Prepared For Better Employability and Success In The Workforce?

When it comes to getting a job after you graduate, it is interesting that there is a big disconnect between the perception of business schools and employers. Recent surveys from Gallup and Inside Higher Ed's 2014 suggest that almost all (ninety-six percent) university administrators, college presidents, and chief academic officers ...
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Do Companies Prefer Internal or External Candidates When Filling Senior Positions?

The days of exclusively recruiting and rearing internal talent are over; just six percent of respondents said their organizations have no senior-level executives from outside of their own organizations. The average senior executive team is made up of internal candidates (45 percent), external candidates (38 percent) and executives from another...
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