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Nikolaus Kimla
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CEO Spotlight: Pipeliner CRM’s Nikolaus Kimla on Making the World a Better Place Through Sales

One thing about Nikolaus Kimla is undeniable: he intrinsically understands sales, and as the Founder and CEO of Pipeliner CRM, a customer relationship management platform purpose-built for salespeople, and its associated media channel SalesPOP!, it makes sense. The Vienna-born, California-based entrepreneur discovered his aptitude for sales early in life, starting...
Kevin Hancock
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Putting Work Back In It’s Place

In the fall of 2017 I traveled to Kiev to meet and interview two of the last remaining survivors of the Ukrainian Holodomor. Holodomor means “forced starvation,” and defines a period in the early 1930s during which the Soviet Communist Party intentionally killed millions of Ukrainian peasants by sequestering them...
Lars Fæste
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CEOs Priorities For The 2020

The business leaders we speak and work with every day have a sense of the opportunity ahead. And they also recognize, and work to embrace, the uncertainty ahead after a decade of expansion and digital disruption on a grand scale. They foresee continued political change, geographical challenges and, of course,...
Alan Manly
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6 ways to conquer the networking nightmare

Not everyone in business are natural show ponies. Some are inherently shy, and while you don’t need to be the loudest person at networking events, you still need to know how to work the room. After all, “it's not what you know, but who you know”. Here are six steps to getting over the fear of networking: First...
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The Emerging Mobility-as-a-Service Future

COMMERCIAL FREIGHT - Three future models are emerging in commercial freight: Freight brokering enables shippers and carriers to connect on-demand to ship specific loads. Freight brokers add value by acting as a demand/ supply aggregator, creating transparency in load management, and reducing friction for shippers and carriers. Existing players in...
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