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Executive Spotlight: Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is an American executive with substantial experience in the technological industry. Initially entering the workforce as a corporate lawyer, Greg Blatt has had an expansive career spanning from entertainment law to general counsel for Martha Stewart, but perhaps his greatest accomplishment to date has been his decade-long tenure...
Peter B. Walker
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Stepping Up To The China Opportunity

The bar for competing successfully in China keeps rising. There’s the trade war, as well as steps to protect the US’s intellectual property, plus a tightening on the availability of visas for Chinese students and scientists coming to American universities and companies, and a campaign to pressure countries not to...
Alan Manly
CEO Insider

How I mastered my elevator pitch

Everybody in business has a pitch. The goal is to deliver your pitch in the time taken for an average elevator ride being about thirty seconds. Whilst many pitches are refined by trial and error over time and serve their purpose well enough, in typical entrepreneurial fashion I have my...
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