Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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CEO Insider

Why the EU lags the US in innovation

As companies consider where to locate operations, especially R&D, Laza Kekic, writing for Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance, considers the widening innovation gap between the US and the EU. There is strong evidence of a significant innovation gap between the US and the EU, with the...
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Consulting Between CEO Positions

CEOs and senior executives often find themselves in between jobs for various reasons. If this describes you, then you may be wondering what the best game plan would be for the time you spend between positions. One very useful idea that can be tailored to any situation is to try...
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Six Practical Tools toward Self-Improvement

Whether you are after personal or professional development, you will always find something to improve about yourself in order to reach the next level. In this technology-driven age, you may have already encountered far too many options -- and articles -- that promise to help you achieve that. Here, you...
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Is Your Company Growing for the Long Term?

Most companies are in pursuit of growth, as they assume growth means success — but that’s not always the case. How do companies determine whether they are succeeding as they continue to scale?   When the Kauffman Foundation checked up on the 5,000 companies that made Inc. Magazine's fastest-growing list, it discovered...
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