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How to delegate effectively

Delegating is something all CEOs and managers must do in order for their company to be successful. But delegating effectively isn’t always plain sailing; it is a skill that needs to be learnt and some leaders can find it difficult. Delegating is not abdicating, which is one of the most...
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Clock Out: Why You Must Learn to Stop Working?

With a smartphone in your pocket or purse at all times, business never stops. The only one who can stop is you. The growing problem in today’s business environment of connectedness and ultra-communication is that you’re always reachable. Managing time now is the number one objective to balance, not just...
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Overcoming Social Media Disasters

To make fun of Apple's infamous #bendgate, LG France tweeted from its French account that ‘Our Smart phones don't bend, they are naturally curved ;).’ However, the only blunder that happened: The very tweet was made via an iPhone! Well, to err is human but if it happens on any...
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