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How to own your spotlight and achieve the success you deserve

I had the pleasure of working with Ray Pittman when he was the President and CEO of CBRE ANZ. One day I asked him, what he has learned about himself over his career. He told me, ‘I think as I’ve gotten older and more experienced, I’ve realised who I am....
Charles D. Carey
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CEO Spotlight: Charles D. Carey, Managing Partner at CIG Capital

Charles D. Carey is the Managing Partner at CIG Capital, an alternative project finance and investment firm that provides project funding, while also assisting clients with services including project management, risk management, economic growth management, and financial consulting services. Over the last 19 years as a serial entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist,...
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CEO Spotlight: Jan Wellmann of WaveLife Technologies Discusses Stress & Work-Life Balance

Jan Wellmann, CEO at WaveLife Technologies, is no stranger to the demands of modern work culture. As an entrepreneur, Wellmann has a long history turning budding concepts into burgeoning businesses. In 2012, he launched HoneyColony Inc., a health marketplace and wellness hub designed to empower individual health transformation. Now, he’s...
Nikolaus Kimla
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CEO Spotlight: Pipeliner CRM’s Nikolaus Kimla on Making the World a Better Place Through Sales

One thing about Nikolaus Kimla is undeniable: he intrinsically understands sales, and as the Founder and CEO of Pipeliner CRM, a customer relationship management platform purpose-built for salespeople, and its associated media channel SalesPOP!, it makes sense. The Vienna-born, California-based entrepreneur discovered his aptitude for sales early in life, starting...
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