Monday, April 12, 2021

C-Suite Agenda

C-Suite Agenda

Why Getting an M&A Deal Done Right Now Might Mean Agreeing to Disagree

Economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic has resulted in an uneven year for small to mid-sized businesses. Some verticals, such as e-commerce and grocery stores, have thrived in the stay-at-home environment. Others, like restaurants and the hospitality industry, have experienced drops in income despite their fundamentals remaining strong. And still...
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C-Suite Agenda

Culture and Strategy Do Breakfast and Eat Cash

Many will be familiar with the well versed saying, “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, right? Coined by the late Peter Drucker at the turn of this century, Drucker was absolutely right to call out the importance of getting the organizational culture right. He wasn’t suggesting that strategy wasn’t important but...
C-Suite Agenda

How to resist being a workaholic

As strange as it may sound 2021 is expected to be full of people with expectations. It is regarded that one out of seven people suffers from addictions related to substances in the United States. But how many people are addicted to work? Apart from the fact that overdoing at...
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