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Best Golf Courses In The US

Golf is a game of club-and-ball where the players use numerous balls to hit into a series of holes potted at different locations on the golf course. The idea is to put the ball in the least number of strokes. A golf course can have from 9 to 18 holes,...
Tracey Ezard
C-Suite Agenda

The Paradox of Yet

Leadership is full of contradictions. Without them, leadership would be a walk in the park. We could make decisions quickly and easily, as the answer would be straightforward. Yet I know every person reading this understands the complexity of leading. We need to draw from both our ferocity and our...
Srini Rajamani
C-Suite Agenda

As Supply Chain Woes Continue, CEOs Should Look to Advanced Technologies for Answers

Advancements in new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and connected devices/IoT are enabling organizations to reimagine nearly every aspect of their business, making them more connected, more data-driven, and more efficient. This is especially true for supply chains. Businesses are employing these advanced technologies to build intelligent supply...
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