C-Suite Agenda

C-Suite Agenda

Once Treated as a Nice-to-have, Soft Skill, Wise Leaders Know Emotional Intelligence Is Central to Business Strategy and Success

With the deluge of news stories, you’re to be forgiven if you missed the recent news of tennis star Naomi Osaka dropping out of the French Open – not for reasons of physical injury, but something less often talked about. When she announced her decision, Osaka said it was a...
Ernest R. Twigg Father
C-Suite Agenda

Strategically Building Organization Culture

Strategic partners understand how essential a company’s culture is to success. Research illustrates that companies unable to build synergistic, functional cultures feel the sting of talent loss, increased employment cycles, and gaps in mission-essential roles. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to build a positive organizational culture to prevent...
Ron Carucci
C-Suite Agenda

When Purpose Gets Tested

At the ripe old age of 29, I was part of the team tasked with redefining my company’s culture. Every employee had been given a comprehensive guidebook on how these new values should shape our future behavior. As a company in the energy industry facing huge disruption, refocusing on values...
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