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C-Suite Agenda

Is Big Data As A Service (BDaaS) For The Enterprise: A Real Badass Idea Or What?

As the sheer volume of unstructured data generated on a regular basis continues to grow exponentially --- ethics and efficacy of big data is a concern. In 2010, the world’s data volume passed one zettabyte (1 billion terabytes) and by 2015, the estimated global volume will be about eight zettabytes....
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Some Awesome Lesser-Known Google Tools, Programs, And Applications To Enhance Your Productivity

Gmail and Google Docs? Check. Google Search, AdWords, Alerts, Chrome, Analytics, Calendar? You have them, of course. What else is out there? Even if you are a Google power users like me, you can't keep track of everything Google introduces. Google is an Internet powerhouse, hidden inside it's vast network...
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